PC Lock Station 2009 1.0



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PC Lock Station is software that allows you to monitor and limit the activities that a user can perform when you use a PC. It has application in many fields. Their use in the work environment increases the productivity performance of workers to reduce the periods of activity in non-productive tasks outside the strict labor. In the educational environment or from home, allowing to set limits on surfing Web sites containing inappropriate, set schedules or times of peak use, and reduce the chances of small loss of data or serious failures by improper use of equipment. Main Features : - Monitor and block access to unauthorized websites (Control of productivity at work or at home Parental Control). - Monitor and block file downloads. - Monitor and block access to drives and folders unauthorized. - Set default directories for repetitive tasks (Open, Save, Save As ...) with a consequent saving of time (Product control). - Control and block the use of unauthorized applications (Product control). - Monitor and block unauthorized use of printers (Control cost). - Control and block access to the computer at certain times (at home Parental Control). - Limit the length of use of equipment (Control of access at work, at home Parental Control). - Know and record the documents that are printed (Cost control). - Know and record access to documents. - Evaluate the period of user inactivity (Product control). - Evaluate the effective use of time of each application (Product control).

Systems: Windows

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